A decade or more ago, interest began brewing in America for a little-known style of Japanese street fashion called Lolita. Inspired by Rococo-era fashions, it was dreamy, frilly, sweet, and elegant — but buying brand-name was expensive. People interested in this style began connecting online. Soon, independent brands were popping up at conventions, producing dresses, bloomers, and accessories at a more accessible price.

Summer of 2013 – A group of seamstresses from the Midwest venture to a small con in Atlanta. There’s a cost to travel, a cost to stay, and if they want to sell their creations, a steep cost for space in the dealer’s hall. The solution? Join forces to sell their items together. And it worked! The success of displaying a variety of lolita style expressions and price-points lead to the founding of the Lolita Collective.

Today, the Collective is foremost run by Emma Bottari, and represents over 70 fashion designers from around the world. The Collective attends conventions all over the States and occasionally overseas, bringing with them an inventory of independently designed fine apparel, accessories, and jewelry.

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