Are you interested in selling with us? By selling your items with us, you benefit from having a wider audience from the cross merchandising of your products.

Gabriel TokimekiOur goal is to help you grow your business, no matter how small or large it already is.

  • We offer full marketing of your items via social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram) and print advertising.
  • We handle all photographing, including editorial and product photoshooting.
  • If you consent to be sold in our webshop, we will manage and fulfill all orders out of our USA warehouse.
  • We will bring your items to conventions and events that we and our subsidiaries attend.
  • We will sell your items with a 15% commission rate. No matter the amount you sell, we take only 15% out of your final sales to cover our overhead costs.
  • All items must be of good quality. We reserve the right to reject items. Items must be made by you or your company, we do not do secondhand brand sales.
  • Items must be shipped to the Collective. We will pay for return shipping whenever you would like your items shipped back. You may choose to have items sent back after our event is over with or you may choose for us to hold onto the items for future events/webshop sales.
  • After each convention, your final profit will be sent to you via Paypal. Webshop sales payments are sent at the end of each month via Paypal.
  • We work global with all of our staff fluent in other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc). Please contact us in your native tongue!



In order to sell with us you must fill out, electronically sign, and send us an application form.

Download the form here

Send the completed form to lolitacollective (at)

We strive for honesty and transparency in everything we do.
We are a registered LLC in the state of Illinois. We charge and file all appropriate taxes.